• Creative Metal and Organics Workshop -

    Trial workshops

    Sat 3rd Feb - Full

    Sat 17th Feb - Places available

    An exciting new opportunity to work with Darren, learning to create your own, unique metal and organic sculptures. You will guided to complete a single item on the day, learning to use the following


    Working with metal - drilling, cold forming and copper riveting

    Working with organics to create a unique composition

    Subsequent workshops can attended as 'one offs' or combined to create more complex items

    Initial workshops will take place at the Abbey United Reformed Church Lounge in Romsey.

    Time: 10AM - 2PM

    £65 per person

    Further workshops will be added according to demand

    You will be required to select 1 from a choice of 4 trial items to make. This is so that your materials can be prepared for you. Initially these are: Heart, Leaf, Droplet and Pod although this can be quite fluid on the day.

    Tea/coffee, biscuits

    BYO working lunch if required

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  • Dragonfly Garden Border Art

  • Abstract Reed Garden Border Art

    Abstract reed 
  • Beer Nut Turtle. Garden Wall Art

    Beer Nut Turtle 
  • Busy Bee Garden Border Sculpture

    Busy Bee 
  • Iris - metal artificial plant

  • Abstract wall art using a combination of metal and plant materials

    Wave wall art

  • Tree Frog ornamental sculpture

    Made to order

    Tree Frog 
  • Humpback Whale

  • Lobster ornamental sculpture

  • Blue Lobster Wall art

  • Pike -Bespoke commission only

    Available to order

  • Stag Beetle

  • Badger

  • Hedgehog

  • Chicken

  • Square Wall art

  • Heron - commission only

    Available to commission in any head pose.

  • Deer Garden Art

  • Red Crab

    Red Crab 
  • Squirrel


Upcycled metal sculpture and wall art inspired by nature D'Sculpted

Sustainably sourced, reclaimed materials

Every single piece of metal used in D'Sculpted sculptures is sourced from local businesses and occasionally customers. All the metal used has had a previous life as another product. Whether it's a decommissioned fire extinguisher, industrial glue canister or steel toe cap from an old safety boot, Darren will find a way to use it.

"We were drawn to look closely at all the fantastic exhibits by Darren of D'Sculpted. Such a clever use of recycled material to house nature itself." Chris + Julia Newman

"We were absolutely awestruck when we finally met up with our sculpture in real life. Nellie the Elephant is a wondrous object of metal that melted our hearts." Connie Gibbons

Metal Stag Beetle
Hedgehog made from stainless steel, curled up in a ball
Owl close up showing the high finish in the lacquer

"A unique blend of sculpture and insect refuge"

Individually hand crafted by Darren. Each sculpture is an original, with organic fillings adding a stunning visual element unique to D'Sculpted

Cutting a glue canister to use later

  • Large stainless steel acorn and leaf

    Commission - Acorn and Leaf Commemorative Sculpture

  • Commissioned Chicken with flapping wings.

    Commission - Flapping Chicken

    Now standing proudly on the steps of a Chateau somewhere in France

    Flapping Chicken 
  • A superb elephant commission with amazing heat colouring.

    Commission - Elephant Sculpture

    Now residing in his/her new home in North London

  • Patterns in nature 1

    Cut pine cone, cinnamon, moss, bamboo, wood

  • Close up of Owl sculpture showing organic fillings in detail

    Patterns in nature 2

    Teasel, teasel stalk, bamboo, cinnamon, bark, moss, lichen

  • Patterns in nature 3

    Cut pine cone, mosss, bark, bamboo, cinnamon

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For the very first time, brought to you by D'Sculpted, Insectimonials, an insects perspective on life inside a metal sculpture.

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