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Melanie Badger - Land

Melanie Badger - Land

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It’s all in the face with Melanie, always up to something, with that cute expression, who would ever suspect her. Although a bit shy she would love to come and stay.

How are these made? Glue canister is most often used, carefully scored and folded to get that distinctive badger expression. The face is heated to darken it, the light areas are created using a fine grinding disc to reveal the silver metal under the heat-treated area. The gentle curves in the top of a glue canister are perfect for the arms and legs of this little cutie.

Heat treated for final colouring, then lacquered with 2K clear coat to help protect against the weather. The organics are then added in a unique, bespoke composition to create that trademark D’Sculpted original, no two are the same.

Medium size: 300 by 150 by 80MM approx.

Large size: 450 by 180 by 100 approx.

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