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Leah the Snail - Land

Leah the Snail - Land

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SLOW AND STEADY is the preferred way for Leah. Although materials used will vary depending on availability, generally she is made with square tube offcuts for her body, interestingly these are sourced from a local company who built the framework for the model of the Millenium Falcon featured in the latest Star Wars movies.

A non-disclosure agreement prevents me from naming them, but they are happy for me to raid their scrap bins for the next Leah so get yours today. Also used are the pieces cut from glue canister and fire extinguisher.

Her name is taken from part of the Latin word for snail (COCHLEA) but it also fits with the Star Wars link as there was a Princess Leia. Available as standalone, wall mount and mounted on a wooden base.

No templates are used in the production of these items and the composition of fillings is guided by the shape size and pattern of the organics used therefore the image is to be used as a guide only.

Standard snail size: 200 by 180 by 60 approx.

Custom snails can be made much bigger.

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