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Shadow Tail the Squirrel - Land

Shadow Tail the Squirrel - Land

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He’s a bit of a hoarder and not just hazel nuts, he likes anything shiny. He would love to bring his big, bushy tail to come and live at your place and assures us that he will be on his best behaviour.

He really is in the shadow of his own tail this one. Created from a combination of fire extinguisher and glue canister, he would make a cheeky addition to any garden scene. Available as 3D or flat wall mount versions. Each tail is cut directly from glue canister, by hand, using a small grinding wheel before being cold formed into that distinctive and unique spreading bushiness.

Once welded together, each squirrel is heat coloured and lacquered with two coats of clear coat, an incredibly durable, outdoor finish. The organic fillings are all delicately fixed into position in a composition unique to each individual squirrel. This is why a D’Sculpted piece is so unique.


Squirrel size: 280 by 250 by 80MM approx,

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