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Rani the Frog - Water

Rani the Frog - Water

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This stylish Frog called Rani would look right at home next to a water feature or as a quirky ornament in your conservatory. A stunning garden sculpture doubling as an insect refuge.

Poised and ready to hop into action, Rani is available in a variety of bespoke shapes and sizes. Cut directly from reclaimed glue canister she can be made stand alone or mounted on a base of reclaimed wood or metal, she can also be made with wall mounts if you prefer a tree frog.

She can be smooth or textured in finish, everything is hand crafted, making your Rani unique to you. After heat colouring, she has two coats of clear coat lacquer which gives an extremely durable, glossy finish.


Small size: 100 by 100 by 80MM approx.

Medium Size: 160 by 160 by 120 approx.

Large Size: 280 by 220 by 180MM approx.

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